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Our engagements

Make NFTs accessible to everyone, simply and quickly.

About the team

A team of technophiles and enthusiasts who want to put blockchain technology at the service of art.

Convinced that technology and art can co-exist, we have designed the Kalart platform to allow each creator to sell their art in the form of NFTs.

Our vision

Support creators in their exploitation of the digital universe.

We make every effort to facilitate and secure the creation and sale of NFTs.

“Art will save the world”

Tech at the service of Art

We are a bit of a geek and 100% passionate about technology.

For example, we have all read, and we still have in mind, the crazy dream of the Pixar boss. A computer fan, he absolutely wanted to release the first 100% computer-animated film (Read Edwin Catmull's brilliant Creativity.Inc). He clung to his dream for years to advance technology until the success of the first known Pixar, Toy Story.

At our level, we try to do the same: put technology at the service of artists. Today, the cutting edge technology is the blockchain, and we see the future of Art in it. This is why Kalart allows you to share your digital works with your community.

Our team

geeks and artists

Discover the hidden team behind Kalart


Founder of uTip & Kalart, he is determined to find technological, simple and intuitive solutions to the problems of creation on the web.


The team's "Mad Scientist" is always up for a new challenge. When he's not debugging the platform, he plays FF14 or launches a visual novel.


Multitasking Bard
A fan of capillary experience and ramen, he is a superficial encyclopedia who finds it very difficult to settle for a single mission within the team.


Full Stack Developer
Henry Cavill's mustache and an aesthetic straight out of the 90s, hard to miss "Tony", DJ of the band. He makes sure everything is running smoothly on the platform.


Artist and Collector Manager
Lady of everything, she takes care of our artists and collectors. So powerful, that it would almost be confused with an AI.


Front End Developer
When he's not carrying on TFT, Rayan develops the platform's new features. He cares about our users' experience as much as his cat Shiro!


Community Manager
Proud spokesperson for Kalart on social networks, she takes care of promoting the work of our artists.


He participates in the development of Kalart between 2 trips. Robin has a few arrows to his bow: nocode, communication & business development.


Communications Manager
Last arrival in the team, Romane is in charge of making the platform known to as many people as possible.

Our commitments

to digital creation

Secure payment

Transactions are encrypted and completely secure.

Verification of authenticity

We carry out an anteriority search to verify the authenticity of each work and artist.

Fair commission

We take a 10% commission on the 1st sale then 5% on secondary sales.

Simple and easy

No wallet, no crypto! We make NFTs easy and accessible to everyone.