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The digital world opens its new chapter
NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a relatively recent invention. They appeared recently and were accompanied by exciting digital art sales on platforms such as Twitter or Sorare. Many companies are now integrating them into their business models.

Designers and businesses need to start thinking about how they can harness the power of NFTs if their goal is to succeed in this new digital age. Are you there?
3 reasons why NFTs are a revolution
Authentication and provenance
The future of property is here! The author and current owner of an NFT are stored in the blockchain ensuring the durability of its information.
The digital age has created a new world for creators and businesses. NFT technology adapts to your ideas, not the other way around.
The information stored in the blockchain cannot be modified or deleted. This is an excellent way to guarantee the transparency and security of your exchanges.
"NFTs are first and foremost a technology. It's up to us to decide what we want to do with them."
Stanislas Mako, founder of Kalart
Simple, fast and flexible
Our mission at Kalart is to offer you a solution that is fast, simple and protects you and your customers from the current limitations of NFTs. This by offering you a solution adapted to your services and ecologically responsible.
Dollar or euro, no crypto!
A solution accessible to all and where the accounting complexity of managing cryptos and the dangers linked to variations in crypto-currencies are erased.
Focus on the essentials
With our turnkey service, you can focus on your product and your customers, without worrying about complicated technical details.
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Personalized assistance
Our team is available to help you at every step of the process to advise and guide you.
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✔ Get started on the NFTs market in less than 10 minutes
✔ Sell ​​1 NFT on Kalart
✔ Solution accessible to all
✔ No crypto, just euros
✔ 15% commission on the sale of the NFT
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✔ Create your white label marketplace and sell your NFTs
✔ No crypto, just euros
✔ Simple, fast and flexible
✔ Personalized support
✔ Quotation
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✔ Technical integration into your existing system
✔ API and documentation included
✔ Generation of wallets, NFTs and provision of elements allowing visualization
✔ Remain free of your economic model
✔ 10 dollars per NFTs, decreasing price
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They trusted us
logo media participation
Média Participation
They have entrusted us with the task of converting their authors to access the digital market, so that they can take full advantage of NFTs.
Julien de casabianca
Julien De Casabianca
This street artist trusted us for the sale of his 25m collage made in Memphis, USA, at the invitation of the Brooks Museum.
NFT Paris
Dom Massot and NFT Paris
In honor of the NFT Paris exhibition, a video was created by Tom Massot especially for this occasion and put up for sale on the Kalart platform.