What is a personalized NFT?


On Kalart, we offer you two types of NFTs for sale:

- Personalized NFTs

- NFTs created from your networks

Here, we will tell you more about personalized NFTs

What is a personalized NFT?

It is a document (image, video, music, pdf…) that you want to put on sale but which is not on your social networks.

It could be:

- Your latest finished illustration from your iPad

- A 3D file of the spaceship featured in your videos

- A short video of bloopers

- The original manuscript of your latest novel…

As long as you're the author and it's digital, your work can become a UN.

How to sell a personalized NFT?

To get started, make sure you have associated your networks with the platform.

On kalart.io click on “Sell an NFT” in the menu at the top left of the page.

Two proposals appear in pop-up. Choose "Import a piece of art" on the left.

Fill in the information about your NFT:

  • The title
  • The description

Add up to 5 visuals. These are the images that will showcase your NFT on the platform. Choose them to highlight your work in its best light. If it's an illustration, feel free to add close-ups of its details.

You'll notice that the visual updates to give you an idea of ​​what your auction will look like:‍

Download the file for your ONU. This is the file that will be downloaded by your buyer. If you have several files to provide, download a .zip file containing them.

Define if it is an auction or a direct purchase

In the case of an auction, define the starting price of your auction and the dates of the auction which will define its duration:

Click "sale" to put your NFT on sale.

And now your sale is created! Don't forget to tell your community on social media!

Why sell your works as personalized NFTs?

Because it is a work. Just because an illustration was made on an iPad doesn't mean it can only be sold as a print. Just because a book is in print does not mean that its manuscript no longer has value in its word form.

In the recent NFT market, everyone has their own motivations for buying an NFT. None is better than another, and each collector has their reasons for investing.

This may be:

- to support the creator of the NFT, by buying a work he has put up for sale.

- to offer you a object that you like or that you find funny.

- because you attach something sentimental or important behind the work you want to buy (souvenirs…)

- for flex, of course!

- to collect NFTs like others collect shells or Pokémon cards.

- to speculate on the future success of a creator or a creator and hope to make a capital gain on your purchase...

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