What is an NFT imported from your social networks


On Kalart, we offer you two types of NFTs for sale:

- Personalized NFTs

- NFTs created from your networks

Here, we will tell you more about NFTs created from your networks

What is an NFT imported from your social networks?

As the name suggests, this is an NFT from your social networks.

These networks can be:

- Instagram

- Twitter

- Youtube

What you then put up for sale is your publication on these networks: a video, a tweet or an Instagram post.

What is purchased by your community is a transactional record, proof of purchase, certificate of authenticity, and a hyperlink to the file of your creation.

He therefore does not strictly speaking buy something on your social networks which remains yours.

You can always: delete the publication, modify it… However, it will always exist on the side of your buyer.

How to sell an NFT imported from your social networks?

To get started, make sure you have associated your networks with the platform.

On kalart.io click on “Sell an NFT” in the menu at the top left of the page.

Two proposals then appear in a pop-up. Then choose “Import a piece of art from your social networks”, on the right.

Fill in the information about your NFT:

  • The title
  • The description

In the next section, click on the social network where your post is located:

Or directly enter your URL of interest:

If you go through the selection of a social network, a pop up will offer you to select your publication among all those published on the platform. In our example, this is a YouTube video. To select a video click on “Select”.

You'll notice that the visual updates to give you an idea of ​​what your auction will look like:‍

Download the file for your ONU. This is the file that will be downloaded by your buyer. If you have several files to provide, download a .zip file containing them.

Define if it is an auction or a direct purchase

In the case of an auction, define the starting price of your auction and the dates of the auction which will define its duration:

Click "sale" to put your NFT on sale.

And now your sale is created! Don't forget to tell your community on social media!

Why sell your publications?

Look at it another way: it's not a publication that you offer for sale, it's a moment in your creative journey, it's a piece of your story and the story of your community.

By turning this moment into NFTs, you give new value to this memory in the form of a digital collectible. It is also an opportunity for your community to support you, show interest in your content and create a direct relationship with you by owning a small part of your story.

You decide what you sell.

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